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How to create a Project report/Material takeoff sheet in SmartMTO software.

Piping MTO or Material takeoff is a list of all the piping items required to purchase to fabricate and construct the design to complete the demand of the project. This list includes all piping items like a pipe, piping fittings, valves, flanges, blind flange, spacer&blank, gasket, fasteners, and the special parts like a strainer, steam trap, flame arrester, rupture disc, bellow, sight glass, hoses, sample cooler, etc… Now, we have developed SmartMTO software to support the user in taking-off P&ID components. But the question asked that where is this list stored for reviewing and estimating by the constructor? In this article, we will find the answer.

Information in a Project Report

Project Report is one of the final steps to complete taking-off components on the project estimation process. It contains a list of all the materials required to complete the project. Project Report lists all items for purchase or procurement. It can give you an overview of a reference for material cost calculation. It can be changed if the taking off process is missed components. You just only do the Generate Report again then the new Project Report will be created.

List of the Information available in the material takeoff sheet are as follows:

  • Line Number.
  • Name of the piping items
  • Spec/Piping class.
  • Main size.
  • Reducer Size.
  • ShortCode.
  • Quantity of items/ Length.
  • Long Description.
  • Tag.
  • End/ Face Type.
  • Rating/ Thickness.
  • Material Type.
  • Item type.
  • Remarks.
  • Insulation type.
  • Work Break Structure

Note: The above list may vary from company to company.

Project Report in SmartMTO
Fig.1: Project Report in SmartMTO

Information in Material Takeoff Sheet.

After generating the report, you do the Generate Report again then the new Project Report will be created. But after that, a material takeoff sheet created if you export them to save at your personal location on your computer. When this process is done, you can not change or update further information or any component from the drawing into the report. Material takeoff is stored in Excel format and it is a final step of the estimation process of the project in SmartMTO.

Sample Material takeoff sheet in SmartMTO 
Fig.2: Sample Material takeoff sheet in SmartMTO 

Steps for creating a Project Report/Material takeoff sheet from SmartMTO Software.

SmartMTO is intelligent software, so all operations are performed on the software. The material takeoff sheet is also created automatically from the Export function. To display a material takeoff sheet from SmartMTO software, we do as follows:

  • Go to the website: to analyze the PDF file or choose a P&ID drawing analyzed from your computer.
  • Launch SmartMTO software.
  • Open your project.
  • On your project: Draw the process line. The line number, line size, line number, spec will be specified automatically by following the value of the process line at the drawing. Components on the process line will be shown if it analyzed. If components are not detected, the user can insert them by choosing components on the ribbon to place in the line.
  • Estimate the numbers of fittings like elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, etc, and grouped them size-wise.
  • Now, go to the next line and repeat the same procedure.
  • When you complete the project estimation process on the drawing, you just only do Generate Report, the Project Report ( see Fig.1) will be displayed automatically for you to check the results.

Then you just only export the Project Report, The Material takeoff sheet ( see Fig.2) will be saved to your computer.

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