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Làm cách nào tôi có thể truy cập dữ liệu từ ổ cứng của tôi mà không phải truy cập web?

Bạn cần phải có tài khoản truy cập web của AnyOn. Người dùng có thể download và cài đặt phần mềm ổ AnyOn tại đây: Sau khi cài đặt xong phần mềm trên máy tính, bạn sẽ được yêu cầu đăng nhập vào tài khoản, khi đó bạn có thể upload lên ổ dữ liệu AnyOn và có thể xem và chia sẻ tài liệu

As a reminder, you must have an active Kenesto web account.  Users can download and install the Kenesto Drive client software from here: Once you have installed it in your Windows PC and provided your login credentials any of the files/folders you have uploaded to the Kenesto cloud that you own or have been shared with you will be visible on your Kenesto Drive. You will see a drive letter (K:) in your Windows Explorer. You can navigate to the folders and documents just as you would for your local drive.

How do I access Kenesto Drive specific operations or how do I open the Kenesto menu in Windows Explorer?

Navigate to the document or folder inside of the K: Drive in your Windows Explorer. Select the “document” or “folder” and click the right mouse button. The Windows Explorer menu will come up with an entry “Kenesto.” When you move your mouse to it the Kenesto entry, aa sub-menu will come up with various selections based on the folder or the document.

How do I share a document or folder from Kenesto Drive?

Navigate to the chosen document to folder, and then open the Kenesto menu in K: Drive, by using the right mouse button. Click “Share”.  Type the full email address of the person in the “Add user or groups” input in the sharing dialog. Kenesto will send the person a notification by email which includes a link to access the document or folder.

How do I stop sharing a document or folder with somebody that I had shared with earlier?

Select “Share” from the Kenesto Drive right mouse button menu in the Windows Explorer on the document or folder you shared earlier. Click the “X” under “Remove” for the user or group you shared with earlier and click “Save”. The user or group will be removed and they will no longer have access to the document or folder.  NOTE: if there is a task assignment or something else attached to this share, that step will need to be handled before the user can be “Removed” from the share.

How do I access my documents in Kenesto Drive when I do not have an Internet connection?

Depending on how recently you accessed the document, the document is available in Kenesto Drive.  Kenesto Drive does not keep copies of all of your documents locally on your computer, but certainly handles the recent ones.  The document becomes locally available, the user can edit the existing document and create as many versions as they’d like. Once an internet connection becomes available all versions are updated in Kenesto cloud.  Users can also create new documents essentially offline in the Drive.


For users that know in advance, they will need a document offline or to remain in their Kenesto Drive, users will check the “Always Cached” checkbox, which is a feature accessed from Drive with the right mouse button click on the file itself through the Kenesto menu.  This enables the user to work form their drive on the document.  Once an internet connection becomes available all versions are updated in Kenesto cloud. The user will then uncheck the “Always Cached” box.

How do I access/move my files to a new device/computer?
  1. Make sure you have internet.
  2. Download the drive from the web app or Kenesto website and install it.
  3. After restart, type your login credentials in the drive settings and wait for your file and folder structure to appear.
  4. If you are installing the mobile app; go the relevant mobile store and download the app.  Type your login credentials.  During this process you may see a notification that your file and folder structure is being created.  Once completed you will have access to your files and folders.
  5. For the old device: we recommend you uninstall the drive on the old device by closing drive services, go the control panel of your computer and “uninstall: Kenesto Drive.”


How do I view a CAD model from Kenesto Drive?

Kenesto gives users two options of viewing, 1. In a browser and 2. On the current page.  These preferences are created and saved in Kenesto Cloud.  The default is the browser.

Navigate to the CAD document in K: Drive and select it. Open the Kenesto menu and click “View”. If the file is supported, the model will open in your default browser. Note: if you want you can view files within Kenesto and not in a  default browser, to adjust this preference setting go the personal preference setting, scroll to “Documents View Options,” click: view documents on current page.

How do I view a specific version of a CAD model?

Navigate to the CAD document in K: Drive and select it. Open Kenesto menu and click “Show Versions”. A window will come up which lists all the versions. Mouse over the version and click the view icon (Eye) to the left. The model for that version will open in your default browser.

What would happen to my documents if I close the Kenesto Drive Services?

Nothing will happen to your documents. They are still there in the cloud. You just cannot see them. When you restart Kenesto Drive services, you can see them as before. Normally, there is no need to stop and restart the Kenesto Drive service. It will be automatically restarted, when you restart your computer.

Can I uninstall and reinstall my Kenesto Drive?

Yes, however there is normally no need to do this and it should only be done, if Kenesto Customer support were to suggest this action. This does not affect your documents which are in Kenesto cloud. The Drive service only grants access to these files.  Kenesto updates our product frequently.  You may at times, be prompted to install and update your Kenesto Drive when one is available.  Users can select this to allow your drive to update when it is convenient for the user.

What happens if I start copying a large amount of documents to my Kenesto Drive and the computer crashed or the Internet got disconnected during the process?

Kenesto Drive is designed to handle such cases and will continue its operation when the computer and the Internet are back. You can monitor the progress through the Kenesto Drive status window. Go to your system tray in the Windows Task Bar, click on the Kenesto icon and it will open the status window. The status window displays the progress and reports any failures. The system will keep working until it handles the failures.

How can I recover my documents if I deleted them accidentally from my Kenesto Drive?

Kenesto automatically archives all documents or folders when deleted. You can restore them any time from the web application. Login to your Kenesto account on the web using any browser. Go to “Documents”. Select “Archived Documents” from the documents filter on the selection box on the top left. Select the item you want to restore and click on “Restore” Icon.  Note: Only owners of documents or folders can restore the documents or folders they own.

Can users working with the Kenesto Drive change the location of the cache?

Yes.  Users can change the location of the Drive to any other drive that device has access to.  This does not include removable drives for security purposes.

Where do I find online help or a guide?

Once you login to your account in Kenesto on the web, you will find help items under the help menu.