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What is vaulting?

Use this setting on a folder when users want to explicitly lock documents for more user control. When a folder is set to Vault, users with update access to the folder can check-in and check-out documents from the folder for editing. Setting a folder to Vault can be done from the web and from the Drive. From the Drive, go to the Kenesto menu on a folder and click “Set as Vault” to vault or click “Set as a regular folder” to un-vault.

Note: Only the owner of the folder can vault and un-vault it.

How is the storage allocated in Kenesto? Is it based on per user or per company?

Kenesto offers unlimited storage per user per company.

How does Kenesto differ from using SharePoint/OneDrive solution or another consumer storage solution such as Dropbox, etc.?

Kenesto is designed for Engineers and handles CAD documents, such as viewing of CAD files and other formats as one example. Consumer storage providers do not. Please ask us for a more our in-depth comparison.

Does Kenesto provide FTP or access to other FTP providers or sites?

No, we do not provide file transfer service using FTP protocol. However, you can share files directly to external people who can access and/or download files if given the appropriate permissions.

Does Kenesto provide encryption for transmission as well as at rest for documents?

Yes, we provide 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) during transmission and at rest. This means that all customer data is stored in an encrypted form in Kenesto.

If I deleted a document or a folder accidentally or otherwise, can I recover them?

Kenesto archives both documents and folders.  You can retrieve these items by going to the documents tab and selecting from the dropdown menu “Archived Documents.” Owners of documents or folders can restore archived documents.

Does Kenesto use any public cloud platform such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure? If so, where is your data center located?

Yes, we use Amazon AWS as our data center. Kenesto’s customer data is stored in the U.S. data center.

Do you have dedicated and certified information security people on your staff?

Yes, we take security very seriously. We have dedicated security people with proper certifications such as  CISSP.

How many data centers does Kenesto have?

Kenesto is hosted in Amazon Web Services platform which has many data centers.

Is the data stored in the U.S.?

The data is stored in the U.S.

I started out with Kenesto Free, can I move to your Kenesto Trial or Kenesto Pro product easily?


I have a large amount of data (files and folders). First, I want to copy them to Kenesto. How do I initially bring them to Kenesto and get started?

Please see the “Getting Started” guide from Kenesto. In short, you would want to copy files and folders in chunks using the Kenesto Drive. Once done, you will see the same folder structure in Kenesto Drive.

What file types are not supported for upload?

Kenesto is blocking the following file types:

File extension File type
.bat Batch file
.com Microsoft MS_DOS program
.exe Executable file
.pif Program Information Files
.scr Windows screen saver
Is there a limitation the file name/path that a user uses in Kenesto?

Yes, however the limitation of 254 characters is for Windows, not Kenesto.  When a user sets up their company name, they should add these characters as a file name. As an example: K:\Kenesto Corporation would be considered as “19” characters.

Where do I find online help or a guide?

Once you login to your account in Kenesto on the web, you will find help items under the help menu.

How do I configure Antivirus software to work with Kenesto?

Please exclude K: drive, %PROGRAMDATA%\Kensto and C:\Program Files (x86)\Kenesto folders from scanning.